Update 9/30/2022

A few words...

I have heard concerns about my promoting of "pump & dump" groups and my project below which is "seemingly" a direct copy of

    Supporting pump & dumps

    Pump and dumps are a risky gamble but they can be highly profitable most people are in this space to make money and if its not your cup of tea thats fine

    Ripping off MiningNetwork

    MiningNetwork built a brilliant game. Hands down its awesome and it is doing well. I love it so much that I wanted to build my own version of it while not being a direct copy. What this means it I took inspiration directly from MiningNetwork but the art, gameplay, contract, etc is all original and not 1 line of code was taken from MiningNetwork


New project launching!

I am launching a new project on Binance smart chain which is a P2E game like mining network. The new project is called TokenMinerNetwork and follows very similiar concepts to miningnetwork with some slight differences Project launches very soon join the telegram to get in on the ground floor and make a bag Telegram